SurveyGizmo Individual Pricing

Test drive the plan that's right for you. No credit card required.

0 / Month
* Billed Annually
Get your toes wet with a limited free experience.
20 / Month
* Billed Annually
Satisfy simple data collection needs with an entry level survey tool.
70 / Month
* Billed Annually
Perfect for individuals at a small business looking to learn more about their customers or research subjects.
120 / Month
* Billed Annually
Run a one-person market research firm all from SurveyGizmo.


"The most powerful free online survey tool for occasional simple surveys."

  • Up to 3 Active Surveys at a Time
  • Standard Summary Reporting
  • 8 Most Commonly Used Question Types
  • 100 Responses Per Survey
  • Up to 25 Questions Per Page
  • Up to 5 Pages Per Survey
  • Professional and Accessible Surveys


"Most competitive basic online survey tool for normal business oriented forms, surveys and polls."

  • Unlimited Questions, Surveys, Responses and Pages
  • Basic Project Types: Surveys, Polls and Forms
  • Email Campaigns: Send Email Invitations
  • Basic Logic: Standard Skip-Logic
  • Basic Theming: Color, Font and Theme Customization
  • Import Surveys and Data from Word and Excel
  • 25+ Question Types
  • Standard Reports, Data Filters, Exports and Record Browsing
  • Basic Publishing: Social Media, Link and Email


"A survey platform for advanced business users who need integrations and advanced logic support."

Everything in Basic, Plus:
  • Standard Summary Reports
  • Advanced Logic: Pages, Question and Option Compound Display Logic, Randomization, Dupe Protection
  • Advanced Survey Scripting: Hidden Values, Response Reviews, A/B Tests, Time Tracking, Data Population and Lookup
  • Additional Question Types: Cascading Menus, Custom Matrix, File Upload
  • Advanced Branding: Custom Domains (Add On), Remove "Powered By"
  • Business Integrations: Google Spreadsheets, API Control, Webhooks
  • Advanced Design: JavaScript Actions, CSS and HTML Advanced Access
  • Advanced Project Types: Quizzes and Assessments, Payment Forms
  • Advanced Publishing: Kiosk Mode, Offline App, HTML and JavaScript Embedding, Save and Continue
  • Advanced Reporting: Segmentation, Longitudinal, Scheduled Report Runs, Profile Reports, Excel and PDF Exports
  • Compliance: HIPAA Compliance (Requires BAA)


"A full-features survey software platform for market researchers. Complete with Conjoint, Quotas, cross tabulations, R scripting and more."

Everything in Standard, Plus:
  • Data Cleaning
  • Advanced Quotas: Link, Survey, Question, Option and Complex Quotas
  • Research Logic: N of X Randomization, Custom Scripting, "Soft" Require, Disqualification
  • Advanced Structures: Survey, Question and Page Piping; Question and Page Looping; Conditional Options
  • Research Reporting: TURF, Data Cleaning, Conjoint Analysis, Cross Tab, R Script Extensions, Combined Data Source Reporting, Fall Off Reports
  • Research Methodology: Open Text Analysis and Coding
  • Advanced Research Methodology: Choice-Based Conjoint, Max-Diff, SPSS Analysis Export
  • Research Question Types: Highlighter, Semantic Differential, Heat Maps, Video/Audio Sentiment, Card Sorting
  • Researcher Customizations: Custom Question Developers Kit, R Script Library
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Do you work on a team? Check out SurveyGizmo Team & Enterprise.

How do Individual accounts work, anyway?

Everyone needs something different out of their survey software, so we built specialized levels just for you.

All SurveyGizmo accounts are billed annually, so you get 12 full months of amazing data collecting out of your account.

Is an Individual account the right choice for me?

An Individual account is the right choice for you if you run a one-person company, or are you the only one on your team who needs access to SurveyGizmo.

Are you working with a team or inside a large organization? A SurveyGizmo Team & Enterprise Account may be right for you.

Which license level should I select?

If you're only collecting simple data for personal use, try a Basic License.

Our Standard License is a great all-around solution for a person who has some prior experience with survey software.

The specialized licenses, like our Market Research License, are powerful licenses specially tailored to help a professional make the best decisions from their data.